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San Francisco  
Property Location: San Francisco Category: Personal Property Items Status: SOLD
Value Estimate: $3,000,000.00 City: San Francisco Address:
State: California Zip: Country: USA
Type: 0 Bedrooms: 0 Baths: 0
Fireplace: 0
8000 Signatures! 5400 Baseball Collection.

Likely America's Largest and Most Unique Collection
Very Rare - MAKE OFFER NOW. Includes Al Capone, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Franklin Roosevelt, Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Abbott & Costello, Jerry Garcia...

Ted Williams, Ringo Starr, Frank Sinatra, Roy Rogers, Rolling Stones, Penn & Teller, Richard Nixon, President Kennedy, Gorbichov, Charles Schulz, George Bush, Sammy Davis Jr., Barry Goldwater, John Glenn, Beatles,

...more, Call for Details 888.826.7310

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A. J. Foyt

Joe DiMaggio

Cassius Clay

Al Capone

Ike Turner

President Bill Clinton

B. B. King

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Al Kaline

Walls full of History

Dale Earnhardt

Room Sized Displays

Garth Brooks

George Harrison

Roger Maris

Joey Buttafuco

Frank Sinatra

Hank Ketchum

Jake LaMotta

Emeril Lagasse

Jackie Robinson

O. J. Simpson

Eartha Kitt

Cases upon Cases

Leona Helmsley

Dean Martin

Casey Stengel

Julia Child - Bon Appetite

Don Drysdale

Satchel Paige

Johnny Cochran

Conan O'Brien

Jerry Garcia - Grateful Dead

Johnny Bench

Cy Young

Original Babe Ruth with others

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