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3-Easy Steps
Submit a Sealed Bid, or Bid Live via the Internet

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Thursday | February 16, 2012 - (Eastern Standard Time)
1 p.m. Preview 2:00 pm EST Auction
Note: The Auction Starts promptly and will be complete by 2:30 pm EST

1. If you wish to Submit a Sealed Bid or Bid via the Live Internet Broadcast
Remit by Wire your Refundable Deposit to Stewart Title

The Refundable Check should be in the amount of $25,000.00
Wire the Refundable Bid deposit to Stewart Title
Wire Instructions

1a. IF you are not successful in making a winning bid, your check will be returned to you uncashed.
1b. IF you are the winning bidder, your check will be placed into an escrow account to open your purchase.

2. Also, if you are a Sealed Bidder or Live internet bidder you will need to
Email or Fax the Signed Terms of Registration agreement PRIOR to bidding.

2a. Click here to DownLoad & Print Terms of Registration agreement here.
(Email to: or FAX To : 603.415.8745 )

Sealed Bidders Only sign and return the below form too.

2b. Click here to DownLoad and print your Absentee or Sealed-Bid authorization

3. If you want to bid on-line during the live Auction
Log-in to ProxiBid to get your Proxibid Registration completed.
Also, we suggest you 'Test Drive' your connection at least 24 Hours before the Live Auction.
Note: Although the Webcast Bidding is a somewhat like LiveTV, it is not as easy to turn on.
We therefore suggest that before bidding, you contact one of our team-members
for assistance to arrange a 'back-up' phone bidding-plan at no-cost to you.
Last, you will need to have a local Realtor to represent you at the bid site during the auction.
There is no cost to you for this.

ProxiBid 1- (402)-505-7770
916.826.7310    or    904.403.5601